Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Farm Party: How to Buy Tickets, Sponsor & Donate

THIS SATURDAY - October 12th!  Only 3 Days Left!!
Two Ways TO Buy Tickets
Tickets: $40 per person

Purchase Online via PayPal
Click Here to Buy Tickets Online
Enter $ amount in "Donate" Field for total # of tickets 
(i.e. for 2 tickets enter $80)
Select option to "Pay by debit or credit card" or Log In to Pay with PayPal Account
*there is no "Purchase Tickets" option, we used "Donate" Field so you do not have to pay the taxes - if you can't come but want to donate click for details below*

Purchase By Check
Payable To: "The Farm Party"
Mail to: Emily Crawford, 8 Winslow Place, Chapel Hill, NC 27517                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Questions?  Need Assistance?
Contact Us: thefarmpartyunc@gmail.com or 336.402.3902

Host Committee
Rob & Emily Crawford
David & Margaret Ann Kleisch
Kaki Kleisch
Craven & Carolina Lowe
Will & Meredith Smith
Stephen & Courtney Whilden

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